• About Us

  • Vision
    We envision a fully supportive, diverse and prosperous community.

    To empower and strengthen the LGBT business community and its allies.


    Chambers of commerce are trade associations charged with creating a business-friendly environment for their members in the communities where they’re based. We do this by advocating, educating, connecting and providing a variety of publicity tools. While most chambers have a singular mission to support commercial activity, others like the Austin LGBT Chamber also advocate on behalf of businesses whose members represent segments of the community with special concerns or a unifying social mission.

    We engage with public officials at multiple levels: City of Austin, county, state, and federal through our membership with the National LGBT Chamber. At the national policy level, we support increasing opportunities for (LGBT) entrepreneurs, international trade, implementation of LGBT-inclusive polices, study and distribution of LGBT economic impact data and workforce leadership. Locally, we advocate on behalf of our members and the LGBT community at large to assist them with their business objectives.

    Austin LGBT Chamber hosts numerous events to foster relationships. 

    We offer variety of committees (below) that offer a chance to both highlight our expert members and educate others in the community.  Our networking luncheons are topical, and we host a number of informational panels with our minority chamber partners. Our member orientations are also opportunities to learn about resources and new regulations that will impact businesses.

    • Advocacy Committee: This committee will research ordinances, regulations, and propositions at the local, state and national levels that will impact the LGBTQ business community. A minimum of 4 programatic events with expert panelists throughout 2020, including education about local, state and federal issues impacting business and workforce issues. Opportunities to attend our multi ethic chamber collaborative candidate forums/debates. You can learn more about the work of this committee here. 
    • Health & Wellness Committee: This committee will map out strategies to convene healthcare providers to impact the health and wellness of LGBT Austin. We focus on employee wellness and healthcare advocacy at the local, state and federal levels. We act as a resource and neutral forum for the entire community, both patients and providers through advocacy, education and connections. A minimum of 4 programatic events with expert panelists will be held throughout 2020 related to the work of this body.  
    • Employee Resource Roundtable: The Chamber acts as a convener of existing and new ERG groups to provide a forum for education and awareness supporting the professional growth of LGBT individuals by fostering a safe environment within their companies/businesses for individuals to be authentic in the workplace. A minimum of 4 programatic events with expert panelists  be held throughout 2020 related to the work of this body. Open to all your employees. Great resource to improve ERG program(s). 
    • Business Academy: This committee acts as a resource for business members from large to small offering a variety of expert lead panel discussion on best practices in areas such as branding/marketing, business finances, IT/cybersecurity, supplier diversity and more. A minimum of 4 programatic events with expert panelists  be held throughout 2020 related to the work of this body.  
    • Young Professionals with Pride: Young Professionals with Pride is a networking group for the young and young at heart. Our mission is to empower and strengthen the Young LGBT and Allied professional community in Austin through networking, community outreach, and education. A minimum of 4 programatic events with expert panelists 
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