Our chamber advocates for our members, LGBT and allied businesses in Central Texas, and the LGBTQ community in general both locally, statewide and nationally.

    Federal Advocacy

    We are an affiliate chamber with the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce and support the following:

    1. Increasing diversity and inclusion for LGBT owned businesses.
    2. Promote International Trade and broad based economic advancement and empowerment of the global LGBT community.
    3. Implementation of pro-business, LGBT-inclusive policies at all levels of government.
    4. Study and distribution of LGBT Data and our community's impact to the economy.
    5. Develop Workforce and Leadership of LGBT Employees.

    State Advocacy

    On the state level, we formed a coalition with the other LGBT Chambers of Commerce in Texas (North Texas, Houston and San Antonio) and partnered with the Texas Association of Business on many initiatives in order to defeat the discriminatory and anti-business bathroom bill during the 2017 Legislature.   

    Local Advocacy

    We support the adoption of rules and regulations that promote economic growth and equity with relevant public agencies such as City of Austin, Travis County, Capital Metro, and independent school districts. For example, in 2015 we supported and worked on with various community stakeholders on a gender neutral bathroom ordinance for the City of Austin.

    In 2016, we initiated the MECA (Multi-Ethnic Chamber Alliance) Business Dialogues with each Council Member of the City of Austin so that businesses in each district have the opportunity to meet with their city representative. After the tragic shooting in Orlando, we worked with the Austin Police Department on solutions to ensure the safety of our LGBT businesses and customers.  This led to training for business owners and an update to how the police force patrolled the downtown district with specialization of LGBT business areas.

    In 2018, we advocated for housing, infrastructure and transportation bonds to help move Austin forward. All of which passed with voter support. 

    For  2019:

    • We are working to secure a land development code rewrite that allows for multiple housing types across the city. 
    • We are supportive of transit options that reduce single occupancy vehicle use and move move people through this city efficiently. 
    • We are supportive of the recent unanimous Council action on an expanded convention center that also creates a funding mechanism for homelessness services.

    Need some LGBT community information training? Experiencing an issue that is impacting your business? Reach out to us as we can speak to your group and may be able to intervene or advocate on your behalf.


    Join the Advocacy and Policy Committee

    This committee will research ordinances, regulations, and propositions at the local, state and national levels that will impact the LGBTQ business community. It will recommend positions to take to the board who will then vote on whether to adopt the recommendations. 
    Chair: Valerie Salinas-Davis



    Click the links below to learn more about the legislative issues that we supported and opposed in the 86th Legislative Session.



    Austin voters side with Austin LGBT Chamber’s stance on two 2018 ballot initiatives


    We advocated, and you voted. And we’re thrilled with the results of two measures that appeared on the City of Austin ballot Nov. 6.


    Proposition A passed. It will carve out $250 million in bond money to create more affordable housing in Austin — one of the city’s most pressing issues for residents and employers like. We wholeheartedly endorsed Proposition A as a way to make our city a better place to live and do business.


    Proposition J failed. It would have set up a waiting-period and voter-approval mechanism for changes in the city’s land-development code. We opposed this ballot initiative, as it would have created an unneeded process that would have thrown too many roadblocks into an already complicated land-development puzzle.


    We’re pleased that the voters of Austin ultimately agreed with our positions on both of these ballot measures. And the Austin LGBT Chamber of Commerce looks forward to further advocacy on behalf of our members to ensure Austin grows, but grows responsibly.